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Book description

Hand down, this is one of the best yaoi novels Ive ever read! The story of Chokonka takes place in the ancient Japan, a girl from a wealthy family encounters a handsome samurai who saves her life (or so I remember), unsurprisingly this virginal girl falls for the samurai instantly only to find her dreamboat is in a threesome relationship with a strange masculine monk and a wickedly beautiful youth...who serves as a male sex slave to both men and has no choice but to endure the mens many wicked and sometime down right scary whims. Love-square ensured.AND that is only the beginning of our twisted, crazy ride. In this story, therere sword fights, endless BDSM-themed torture/sex scenes, fucked up love/hate relationship and one hell of an evil plot twist at the very end. If you liked yaoi with great big plot twists, read this one!Review for the second half of the story:

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